Luxury Self-Catering Home




Tulach Ard is an 18th Century church manse.  Kirkton Church, is at the top of the drive and traditionally the church owned the house and paid for the minister to live with enough land to farm a small croft. The church now lies empty but the land, known as the glebe is farmed by Ross who keeps Highland Cattle and sheep. 

Tulach Ard was bought by the Stewart family in 1970s. Then it had been left to disrepair and was derelict.  With no roof and little infrastructure Alistair and Donina restored the house with their son Lachlan.  By 2012 the house once again needed some time spent restoring it.  The family have renovated the house inside and out.  Their family textile and stoneware company ANTA supplied all the interior decoration and Lachie junior architect renovated the exterior and modernised the interior.